i’ve been thinking about the scene in Fury when Brad Pitt and his buddies break into those ladies’ house and demand they cook them breakfast, and if it happened to me it’d be a case of ‘okay guys thats cool i mean i have a beef and tomato pot noodle and about 3 custard creams in that you’re welcome to share, but only one fork and the kettle’s been a bit dodgy recently which is only an issue if you dont like cold pot noodle?’


when your parents try to explain a million things to you and youve just woken up



space witches

"we ourselves are made of star dust"
(carl sagam)

they find can understand the movements of the planets, interpret the darkest creases of the night sky. they find themselves aglow with starlight.

Cemetery fog. Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island, New York. Follow my flickr for more graveyard photography. 


Lily Collins attends the ‘Love, Rosie’ premiere in Rome (October 19)

caring what boys think is so 20th century

Bolt us to the hood of your travelling machine and take us on the road again.

— Katherine Dunn, from Geek Love

don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow,
maybe it’s trouble and sorrow,
but we’ll travel along, sharin’ our load,
side by side.